A Trip Down Memory Lane

Such serenity here, the moon over the falls is a scene to behold. The cabin-house-home is so very comfortable, you feel as if you've been here and belong.

We bought fresh eggs from Matthew's Farm, and they welcomed the boys to visit with their beautiful farm animals.

The fire pit brought back so many memories for me, having grown up in Nova Scotia. It's so great to see my children and grandchildren having conversations that were time-worthy, not just passing comments made because everyone's so rushed where we live.

We played cards, read, walked, looking for moose, but saw none - not for lack of trying. We drove to Greenville all but one day - my guess is they (the moose) have lots of pictures of us (ha-ha).

I'm one who can't go to sleep without T.V.. Well, I had no problem at all. The air is so clean and the sound from the falls is so soothing, you should record it.

We owe this beautiful vacation to my oldest daughter, who we thought was crazy, because it was so far away. And that it is, but worth the experience, and unleashed feelings in areas of life.

Saw deer, beaver, foxes, turkey. I so wanted the children to see a moose in the wild. Gifford's Ice Cream (yum!), Indian Plaza (a blessing and a nice ride, and the view. Wow!)

Thanks for a trip down memory lane, peace of mind, and a chance to remember how nice people really are. Guess what? Saw a moose!

Pauleen, Carol, Frankie, Danny, Steve & Tracy
July 19-27, 2008

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