Perfect 30th Anniversary Trip

Sitting on the deck listening to the roar of Big Wilson one more time as I write this. What an awesome property! Thank you so much for allowing us the time to spend our 30th wedding anniversary in such a perfect setting.

Spent a lot of time moose watching. Best chance to see one is between Greenville and Kokadjo. We saw two bulls and three cows in that stretch. The road back to Casey's camp is prime.

Best place to eat is Black Frog. Try their fish dinner. It was great. They also serve a wicked Bloody Mary.

Make sure to hike back to Little Wilson Falls. Well worth it.

Thanks again,

Gordie & Marilyn Lambert
Brighton, MI
September 26, 2012

Body-Surfing Ducks

We came over Labor Day weekend for my brother's bachelor party. We camped two nights in Bigelow Preserve at the base of Fire Warden's Trail. Our campsite overlooked Sugerloaf's ski slopes. We arrived on a Friday at Big Wilson. We saw one salmon, but the fish generally weren't biting anywhere over the weekend. We caught 20 trout between seven of us in four or five days. Nevertheless, this has been awesome - the landscape is gorgeous, the waterfalls and remote atmosphere have been relaxing. The cabin is much more developed than we initially expected. We plan to come back in a few years during the height of the salmon fishing season.

One day we saw the ducks take turns body surfing down the waterfalls. They displayed a sense of community and the ability to have fun. Awesome.

Mark A.
September 3, 2012