Four Kids in 'the Fort'

It's the morning of departure, and we're sad the week is over. We had a great time! This place is so beautiful, peaceful & fun. We came with friends & our children, ages 9, 10, 11 & 12. They loved the loft area, which they named "the fort". We played games, had campfires, swam & jumped off the rocks, tubed , hiked upper & lower falls, jumped off the rope swing. We hiked to the summit at Borestone, which was breathtaking. We went to Mosquito Mountain & Moxie Falls. Went swimming at Moosehead Lake. Went to the Maine DOT to look for moose a few times, but unfortunately, we didn't see any. We did see a group of deer. That's about it, though. We hiked to the B-52 crash site. There was one rainy day in which some went fishing. We read, and relaxed.

The Townsends & Bowen Families
Angie, Travis, Sadie & Anthony
& Ashley, Mike, Stephanie & Elizabeth
Pembrooke, MA
August 21, 2010

Some of Our Favorites ...

We had a great time this week hiking, swimming, barbecuing, making s'mores, and exploring this beautiful little piece of Maine! Thank you for sharing this beautiful house with us. Here are a couple of our favorites ...

  • Swimming and tubing right here on the stream.
  • The hike up to Little Wilson Falls! Bring swimsuits!
  • Whitewater rafting with Moxie Outdoor Adventures ... a good lunch, fun guides, and of course the adrenaline rush.
  • Ice cream at the Dairy Bar in Greenville.
  • Prong Pond. We spent the day camped on a few big boulders on the right side of the pond ... perfect for jumping!
  • Hiking Borestone at sunrise - highly recommended.
  • Hiking Little Kineo Mt. Getting to the trailhead is tricky, but great views!
  • Spring Creek BBQ in Monson. Yum!
Thanks again!

The Wang Family
Wayland, MA
August 14, 2010

Feed Hungry Hikers

Well, to start off, our 17 & 19-year-old sons decided they had better things to do than go on vacation with mom & dad - so we figured maybe this could be a second honeymoon - just us in this lovely home! Our favorite thing to do is hike - and boy, did we hike!

Ratings * thru *****:
*** Sunday - Borestone & Fox pen hike;
***** Monday - Big Moose Mountain;
**** Tuesday - Little Wilson Falls;
***** Wednesday - Gulf Hagas;
**** Thursday - Little Moose Mountain;
***** Friday - Barren Mountain.

46.5 Miles in one week!! My feet, knees really hurt, but we had a lot of fun , and relaxed. We met several hikers on the Appalachian Trail - both "through" hikers & "100-Mile Wilderness" hikers. They are hungry, so if you can spare a granola bar or juice box, give it to them!

Best restaurant -The Black Frog in Greenville. Have to eat on the deck.

Thanks for this lovely home - way better than camping!

I apologize for my penmanship - so used to a computer that I can't write anymore!

Kathy & Tom Castagnetta
New Milford, CT
August 8, 2010