Climbing Barren Mountain

If you're already conquored Borestone and want to test your meddle against another granite monster, try the Barren Slides, just on the east side of Lake Onawa. (Take Bodfish Road past Borestone, cross Long Pond Stream over a logging bridge, and stay left to a dead end on the north side of Barren Mountain. A trail continuing east from there joins up with the Appalachian Trail and takes you to the Barren Slides. Allow 4-5 hours, round trip.)

This climb is challenging - longer, but not much more difficult than Borestone. The views of Onawa and Borestone are not to be missed! The rockfall from the Slides (a vast field of freight train-sized boulders) are humbling. Amazing what a glacier can do!

If you have a little more time, continue on to the peak of Barren Mountain and climb the abandoned forestry service tower. (The top was blown off in a windstorm, but the ladder is still intact, and provides incredible views.)

Eric Schult
Bettendorf, IA
July 29 - Aug 9, 2007