The Road Less Travelled

We were very excited to arrive here after our two-day (12 hours total) trip. We opened the doors and the three boys (8, 7 and 2 1/2) spilled out towards the stream, whooping and hollering!

On Sunday, we went into Greenville to set our week with Northwoods Outfitters and do food shopping. We came back and my husband and the two older boys hightailed it to the falls, out back. We ended that day with s'mores. Monday, we hiked up Borestone Mt. The 2 1/2-year-old was a trooper! Whatever the other two were doing, he was going to do! We had lunch at Sunset Pond and watched as Patrick (2 1/2) fell in. That ended the hike up. We took the nature trail down. I thought it was never going to end. Carrying a 43 lb. bundle of love (Patrick) kind of takes the fun out of it. Needless to say, Patrick had a fantastic nap while the others swam. Tuesday, my husband and two oldest went fishing on Lake Hebron. We had more s'mores. Wednesday was our big day! We visited the B-52 crash site and then drove over to Moxie Falls, which is gorgeous! However, the drive was not! Driving 19 miles over logging roads with little gas, not knowing where we were going was a little daunting! We asked at the local gas station if there was an alternate route back to Greenville. If we stayed on the 'tar', it was 75 miles. We took it! We got into Greenville in time for our moose safari by Northwoods Outfitters. We had a great time paddling up to a bull moose. The boys loved it. We beat the storm approaching and quickly got off the pond. Thursday was a down day, but my husband and the boys rented a canoe and went fishing at dusk and Friday morning, Patrick even caught two fish, but wasn't keen on touching them! We ended Friday watching a wooden boat parade on Moosehead Lake.

We had a fantastic time all week! We had good food from the BBQ Shack in Monson; we ate on the barge at the Black Frog; we munched at Graves; and feasted at the Rod 'n Reel. Everywhere, people were wonderful. The couple at the BBQ Shack loaded me with info on where to eat and go in Monson and Greenville. The people at the general store were great.

I read six books and knitted;
My son read three;
My middle read two;
My husband read two (ties a record);

We were so relaxed! We loved your place, everyone and everywhere ... and the bugs loved me! Thank you for a wonderful time. We hope to make a return trip soon. Now we prepare for our one-day, 12-hour trip home!

Jennifer, Michael, Ryan, Zachary and Patrick Bowker
Pottstown, PA
July 5-12, 2008

P.S. - Just walking down the surrounding dirt roads with the light dappling through the trees, put me in mind of Robert Frost and 'The Road Less Travelled'.

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