Conversational Mysteries, in Lieu of the Internet

I would have thought the weather would be cold and rainy by this time of the year in central Maine, but it is not. Instead, we have had perfect autumn weather, with blue skies all day and mild evenings by the campfire - enough to keep off the chill. It is too cold to swim, so we missed out on that, but we have had long walks and hikes to some of the beautiful places around here. It is incredibly peaceful. We have everything we could want, and do not miss the things we left behind (email, for one); though perhaps it would have been nice to have internet, if only to settle the occasional argument or solve a conversational mystery:

  • What are the lyrics to the "Underdog" theme song?
  • Who was Mighty Mouse's girlfriend?
We can wait until we get back to find out. But we'll be back up here soon - a few days is not nearly enough to enjoy this beautiful place.

Jeff Schult