Jealous Owners

We've enjoyed following all these stories about our guests' visits to Big Wilson Camp these past few years. But we've neglected adding our own entries to the guestbook for way too long!

I was especially jealous of the Darmos, who visited last July and witnessed a moose sighting right out in front of the camp. Before this visit, I hadn't seen any moose closer than Greenville, but the day before yesterday, my wife and I met a moose cow just on the other side of the Elliotsville Road bridge. I want a picture of one *ON* the bridge or in front of our Big Wilson Camp sign, so I can put it on our web site (

The fishermen were having a field day here this weekend! A grandfather/grandson fishing off the rocks at the swimming hole across from the camp caught an 18-inch trout (a "brookie"), and two other keepers. Another couple said they'd caught a salmon and a trout. (I'm not a fisherman, but I like to hear the river is healthy and spawning new generations of wildlife.

I've been surprised so far Big Wilson Camp hasn't attracted any whitewater kayakers. We do, after all, have splendid class III and IV rapids right out in our back yard, and more downstream in Willimantic. Yesterday, we had two expert kayakers out on the falls, and recorded their antics on video. Look for it on our web site. I hope to post it as soon as we're back home in Iowa.

Keep telling us your stories! We post all these entries to our online guestbook (unless you ask us not to) and it really helps convey the message that this is a great place for families to come and connect with nature and each other.

Eric Schult
Bettendorf, IA
Memorial Day Weekend, 2007