Bats in the Wood Stove, Oh My!

Where did the week go?! We had an amazing week at the house at Big Wilson Camp! It was so peaceful to go to bed each night to a waterfall. The bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms were kept up so lovely and decorated with amazing taste. It was a pleasure to be here.

We did have a few surprises with Buttercup & Inspector Gadget - the bats in the woodstove - our pets for the week. Just don't open the woodstove door. You will have pleasant pets for your time here.

Ziv Family
Londonderry, NH & Israel

(Owners note: Thanks for being good sports about the bats! We had them humanely removed and installed screening on the chimney to keep them from returning. The woodstove is functional again.)

North Woods Pointers

Thank you for the lovely respite from our busy lives. We vacationed here to celebrate our middle son, Colin's, high school graduation. My husband, myself, oldest son, Ryan, Colin, and daughter, Sarah, enjoyed all that we could squeeze into seven days. A few of our outings:

Plain and simple, take the Moose Safari with Ashley Simpson through Northwood Outfitters, right in Greenville. We chose the evening trip (no 6 am for us!) and were rewarded for that decision. A beautiful clear day gave way to sparkling evening. Ashley is a fabulous guide. We entered the water to discover two glorious loons. Quickly, we came upon a bull moose, watching us with caution, and a cow nervously backing up into the woods. Next, a deer scampered into the water in front of our canoes and swam across the pond. We floated and canoed for an hour or so, then left in the early twilight to see an enormous beaver dam.

Next we golfed Mount Kineo. A scrub course with tough greens, but glorious views. The third hole plays up to the cliff-side and the eighth plays into a private group of homes that reflect a bygone era. Just lovely.

The guys hiked Borestone Mountain - beautiful, but extremely difficult - right from the start. Sarah and I stayed back and floated in the swimming hole.

We took a whitewater rafting trip with Moxie Tours. Beware the 16-Mile road from hell! The rafting was fabulous, but cold. Come prepared! The full day offers a lunch and a few hours of lazy floating. If it isn't warm, just do the exciting upper falls and skip the shivering.

We hiked little falls to the top. Fabulous! And enjoyed the rope swing.

There is so much to do, I wish we had another week to relax in.

Try the Black Frog. Great fun. Auntie M's has terrific breakfast. The Rod 'n Reel was great for seafood and the Lakeside in Monson was good fun and great food.

People in Maine are so friendly. Martin found the fishing challenging, but rewarding, with brook trout.

Ryan said the seafood pizza at Graves was awesome. Martin enjoyed the Ultimate Burger at Auntie M's. Ryan and Sarah though the fishing on the left of the camp was the domain of the weenie fish, but a confidence builder. Colin enjoyed the hiking and running up ahead of everyone.

The Mooney Family
Albany, NY
August 8, 2009