The Bruises Were Worth It

It is our last night here at Big Wilson Camp, and what a marvelous time we have had all week! I am here with my parents and my two younger brothers - Kevin (18) and Nate (14) from the great city of Annapoles. What a completely different atmosphere is is out here compared to Annapolis! We came from people everywhere, traffic, city sounds all over, to a place where the only thing you can hear is the sound of a waterfall right out back - magnificent!

When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was how beautiful the property is and how well-furnished and well-kept the house is. The decor is just beautiful and the amenities do make you feel right at home. We didn't waste any time before taking advantage of the tubes that were left for us to enjoy*. Throughout the week, we swam, hiked up to Little Wilson Falls as well as Borestone Mountain. Now, THAT was a hike never to be forgotten. Mom and I couldn't get to the very top because of the height (whew!), but we hiked up to just beyond the trees where we could see the lake. There is nothing more beautiful!! (Sure does wear you out!) :) Unfortunately, we didn't see ANY moose - not one throughout our whole trip, which was disappointing, but everything else made up for it.

The town of Monson is a great little town - we were able to run into Tim (who runs the General Store) while he was being filmed in a movie. We had to wait outside the store until they finished filming - but came to find out the writer & producer of the movie happened to be driving through town and stopped last minute at the store. The name of the movie is "The Maine Story". Look for it! :)

Before I continue on into a book :), I'm gonna go - but you really will have the most wonderful time here! Take a trip to Bar Harbor, an absolutely BEAUTIFUL town only about two hours away.

Be careful on the rocks while tubing - you may catch a few bruises!** (More than I bargained for, but well worth it!!!) Enjoy!

The Breckenridge Clan
Annapolis, MD
September 4-10, 2006

Similar Tastes in Decor

We found the serenity, peacefulness and comfy homelike accommodations of Big Wilson Camp gave us a feeling of happiness and delight as we entered and explored our home-away-from-home for the next five days. As we looked around, we became shockingly surprised that much of the decor was identical to items we have in our CT home, like moose lamps and the stenciling in the master bedroom, the rug, and too much else to list. This stuff is not easy to find in CT. Wow! You have great taste! :)

Had a great time on the Katahdin cruise around Moosehead Lake. Went to the Black Frog for an excellent dinner. Took moose safari with the Birches and saw zero moose. We heard after that that Northwoods Outfitters were much better on moose safaris. We hiked Borestone Mountain on September 2, my Birthday (Bill). Wow, was it a great view up top. You must go to the other end of the mountain top while you are up there. It's worth it! The climb was difficult compared to Connecticut hiking, but it was the most magnificent views we ever saw.

By the way, even though we saw zero moose on the safari, we saw 11 moose on our own, six deer, one red racoon, King Fisher birds, along with Blue Heron and Loon. By the way, if you ever strike out on moose, you will always find one when it starts to get dark, and through the night, on Route 15 North, towards Moosehead Lake at the D.O.T. building on the left. Just drive in and stay left, and point headlights back toward Route 15 over the mud pond. They should be there.

Bill & Andrea
Seymour, CT
August 30 - September 4, 2006

The Bass Were Biting

After traveling from CT, we arrived on Saturday evening to find the cabin very cozy. We spent a very busy week fishing, canoeing and kayaking. We found Prong Pond very useful for all three activities. The small mouth bass were biting! Beware, Prong Pond is bigger than your average pond!

We did see about four moose total on the road to Greenville, but not all of us got to see them. If you want to go on the moose tours hosted by Northwoods Outfitters, then make your reservations now because we missed out.

The boys of our group advise that there is good trout fly fishing in the Kennebec River. We brought up tire tubes and had a great time in the river/falls.

To jump off the cliff into the swimming hole is a bit shallow at this moment, but still fun if you have a buddy down below telling you where the rocks are. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing.

The Boothroyd family
Tolland, CT
August 12-19, 2006

P.S. - We left some tire tubes under the porch for everyone to enjoy.*

Big Wilson Camp's First Newlyweds

We arrived Saturday evening after being married in the L.D.S. temple in Boston, MA. Our honeymoon here in the Big Wilson Camp was great. What can I say ... We had a great time.

On our few outings, we rode the Katahdin steam boat, hiked to Little Wilson lower & upper falls (we got lost numerous times), went to Tobey Falls, and swam in Big Wilson Falls. We loved the fire pit & deck. Thanks for a wonderful & memorable stay.

Randy & Mysti Mogleston
Montclair, NJ
August 8-12, 2006

Damming Little Wilson

We've had a great time at Big Wilson Camp. We went in the river, up to Little Wilson Falls, and Onawa Lake. We'd tried to dam the river, but it was a little too big for us.

We drove to Bangor and Bar Harbor, had fun at Seal Harbor.

This morning, we saw a red fox by the cabin and are leaving now for our return journey to Long Island.

The Quinn family
Long Island, NY
August 11, 2006

Where's the Time Gone?

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and now can't believe where the time has gone. We spent many days down on the water, tubing, jumping from the rock & playing a ton of games. We took a hike up Little Wilson Falls & the views were awesome. We really enjoyed our family time. The camp was great & people here are very friendly.

Everyone who comes please enjoy. It really is nice.

Shelly, Chris, Shawna (15), Connor (13),
Nick (11), Karissa (10) & Brett (10)
South Berwick, ME
July 29 - August 5, 2006

Unchanged in 30 Years

Hello from the Plasse family from Lyman, Maine.

Saturday/Sunday - Arrived to find a beautiful camp on a beautiful piece of land. Thank you to the owners! Hiked to Little Wilson Falls & gorge, then took much-needed naps! Campfire & S'mores. Saw two fox.

Monday - Fishing. Tried Prong Pond, Sawyer, Spektacle ... need a canoe ...

Tuesday - Hiked up Borestone. AWESOME !! Wear good sneakers or hiking shoes ... The views are breathtaking.

Wednesday - Trip to Lily Bay State Park. We had camped there 30 years ago and it is just the same. Did more fishing and caught nothing. Came back here to swim in the stream. Campfire!

Thursday - Played cards. Relaxed. Cooked. Played tennis in Abbot village.

Friday - Have to go home. :(

Had a wonderful week for a much-needed family vacation. Thank you. Blessings!

Pam & Joe
Krystle (24), Erica (22), Joe (14)
July 22-27, 2006

So Much to Do

This is our last night at Big Wilson Camp and we are packing up to head home to Ohio in the morning, but not without a last dip in the swimming hole before we go!

We have had a great week! Thank you to the owners for sharing this lovely cabin, and the awesome surroundings. We really enjoyed the picnic area, sitting around the campfire & re-living our day in conversation. So much to do and not enough time! Everywhere we've gone, people have been so helpful and kind. Thanks again! We've had a wonderful time!

Jim, Dawn, Rachel & Charlie Kneessi
Worthington, OH
Walter & Sherry Jones
Marion, OH
July 15-22, 2006

Moose in Front of Camp

We had a GREAT time here. The first night, we were out front of the camp and a moose walked right by on Elliotsville Road. My girls were in shock.

The camp is wonderful. The kids (8,6 & 6) loved the loft with their own TV. They never complained once that they were bored.

Borestone mountain was awesome. The views were a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We loved wearing goggles in the falls and watching little fish. The upper falls was a big hit, too.

The shops in Greenville were great, too, and we took the trip on the Katahdin, also. The people here are all so genuine and nice. Thank you so much for a great family vacation.

Tony, Joann, Ally (8), Julia (6), Morgan (6) Darmo
Moorestown, NJ
July 8-15, 2006

Cra**ing our Pants from Fear

The cabin exceeded our expectations. Great place, great decor. Kids loved the loft.

Jumping off the rock was really fun. Got some great pictures of the kids flying in mid-air.

Took a hike to the top of Borestone Mountain. Some of the crew almost cra**ped their pants from fear on the way to the top. What a spectacular view! Had lunch on top and came back down. Great hike!!

Did the moose safari out of Greenville. Awesome trip if you want to get up close and personal with the moose. We were about 10 feet away in a canoe while the moose were grazing in the water. Really cool!

Spent remainder of the time playing in the stream and cooking out on the deck.

This diary was a great source of information. We didn't have much of a plan, but after reading others' experiences, we filled our days fast. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Jim, Pat, Tommy, Carl Caity and Kellie
Philadelphia, PA
June 22-26, 2006

Lazy Atmosphere

We kept losing track of the days, of time, and just enjoyed the days as they came. We loved the waterfalls, the mountain hikes and the lazy atmosphere.

What a great place for families. Thanks for sharing.

Doe and Deb, grandparents
La Union, NM
Grant, Carlye and baby John Douglas
Canyon, TX (now from CT)
June 17-22, 2006