Breathless View

These are a few of our favorite things:

  • Eating on the deck;
  • The waterfalls;
  • The fire ring;
  • Hanging out with good friends;
  • Cooking on the charcoal grill;
  • Colored leaves falling;
  • The ROAR of the water;
  • The cozy cabin;
  • Slate everywhere;
  • Hikes;
  • 'BREATHLESS' view atop Borestone Mountain (but we saw no birds, hmmm ...)
  • Swimming ... and sitting in the waterfalls;
  • Brownie sundaes on a rainy night;
  • Friday night shopping trip to Indian Hill Trading Post;
  • A wet hike to Little Wilson Falls ... but worth the trip;
  • Movies in the loft;
  • Perfect days ... perfect nights;
  • Forgetting our responsibilities for just a short while;
  • Dirt road riding to see a moose (but we have seen more at home);
  • Late night barbeque down by the river, by lamp light; then a campfire ... in the rain;

Thank you for sharing your home.

Chris, Dan, Jill, George
October 6-9, 2005