Girls' Trip with No Distractions (TV or the Daily Paper)

It's been a great long weekend - a girls' trip that had been a long time coming. The weather improved with each day and ended with a great night at the firepit - lots of laughs! We experienced the Appalachian Trail - 8 long miles of it - as well as Borestone Mountain. Enjoyed having each other's company and no distractions like TV or the daily paper.

Marianne Ferrato, Silver Lake, OH
Linda Ferrato, Silver Lake, OH
Danielle Foster, Silver Lake, OH
Renee Humbert, Fort Meyers, FL
Polly Knox, Twinsburg, OH
Martha Everhart, Richfield, OH
October 17, 2010

Wedding Celebration on the Katahdin

A little slice of heaven! The sound of the roaring Wilson Stream is very soothing. September in Maine .... nothing Better.

Roger & Jill Brown
Ellsworth, ME

Family gathering for the fabulous Brown/Pollis wedding. What an enchanting day on the Katahdin (steam ship on Moosehead Lake) and shoreside under the elegant tent.

All supported by this lovely home base in the woods. The sound of the falls juxtaposed by the stillness of the woods was a very calming and refreshing experience. A great spot - many thanks!

Paul & Carla
Cape Elizabeth, ME
September 19, 2010

Water Down - Streams 'Purring', not Roaring

What a beautiful spot here on Big Wilson Stream. The weather has been hot and dry. The streams are all "purring", not roaring. Tubing and fishing have been spotty. The low water and high temperatures have made the fishing difficult and tubing runs very short. Found some great swimming holes. Tobey Falls was perhaps the favorite.

Climbed Borestone last Sunday - a fabulous hike, great for the young and 'once young', and not too demanding. Wildlife observations were unusual - no moose, though fox and deer were seen. A pileated woodpecker was heard every day, though not seen. Pileated woodpeckers are large, with red heads, too. Go figure not being able to find it.

Biked over to Little Wilson. Nice and short. Hiked to upper falls - a hot day Tuesday, but not too strenuous. Swam at both Lilly Bay State Park and down on Sebec Lake at Peaks-Kenny State Park. A beautiful week, with lots to explore, still, as we never made it to the Gulf Hagas.

Enjoy your stay in this beautiful camp. Enjoy the great Maine outdoors, more.

Bob & Beth
Haverhill, MA
September 4, 2010

Four Kids in 'the Fort'

It's the morning of departure, and we're sad the week is over. We had a great time! This place is so beautiful, peaceful & fun. We came with friends & our children, ages 9, 10, 11 & 12. They loved the loft area, which they named "the fort". We played games, had campfires, swam & jumped off the rocks, tubed , hiked upper & lower falls, jumped off the rope swing. We hiked to the summit at Borestone, which was breathtaking. We went to Mosquito Mountain & Moxie Falls. Went swimming at Moosehead Lake. Went to the Maine DOT to look for moose a few times, but unfortunately, we didn't see any. We did see a group of deer. That's about it, though. We hiked to the B-52 crash site. There was one rainy day in which some went fishing. We read, and relaxed.

The Townsends & Bowen Families
Angie, Travis, Sadie & Anthony
& Ashley, Mike, Stephanie & Elizabeth
Pembrooke, MA
August 21, 2010

Some of Our Favorites ...

We had a great time this week hiking, swimming, barbecuing, making s'mores, and exploring this beautiful little piece of Maine! Thank you for sharing this beautiful house with us. Here are a couple of our favorites ...

  • Swimming and tubing right here on the stream.
  • The hike up to Little Wilson Falls! Bring swimsuits!
  • Whitewater rafting with Moxie Outdoor Adventures ... a good lunch, fun guides, and of course the adrenaline rush.
  • Ice cream at the Dairy Bar in Greenville.
  • Prong Pond. We spent the day camped on a few big boulders on the right side of the pond ... perfect for jumping!
  • Hiking Borestone at sunrise - highly recommended.
  • Hiking Little Kineo Mt. Getting to the trailhead is tricky, but great views!
  • Spring Creek BBQ in Monson. Yum!
Thanks again!

The Wang Family
Wayland, MA
August 14, 2010

Feed Hungry Hikers

Well, to start off, our 17 & 19-year-old sons decided they had better things to do than go on vacation with mom & dad - so we figured maybe this could be a second honeymoon - just us in this lovely home! Our favorite thing to do is hike - and boy, did we hike!

Ratings * thru *****:
*** Sunday - Borestone & Fox pen hike;
***** Monday - Big Moose Mountain;
**** Tuesday - Little Wilson Falls;
***** Wednesday - Gulf Hagas;
**** Thursday - Little Moose Mountain;
***** Friday - Barren Mountain.

46.5 Miles in one week!! My feet, knees really hurt, but we had a lot of fun , and relaxed. We met several hikers on the Appalachian Trail - both "through" hikers & "100-Mile Wilderness" hikers. They are hungry, so if you can spare a granola bar or juice box, give it to them!

Best restaurant -The Black Frog in Greenville. Have to eat on the deck.

Thanks for this lovely home - way better than camping!

I apologize for my penmanship - so used to a computer that I can't write anymore!

Kathy & Tom Castagnetta
New Milford, CT
August 8, 2010

Suiting Up for Supper

Let's start by saying we had a great time here at Big Wilson Camp. Spending time with family hiking, quadding, swimming and just relaxing on the deck at the end of a busy day.

We found out that all the people we met here in Maine on our daily adventures were so friendly and went out of their way to make us feel at home. Unfortunately, we had some car trouble on our trip here that needed to be fixed before our ride home. If anyone needs car maintenance while here on vacation, go to Mike's Automotive in Dexter, ME. He was so friendly, very knowledgeable, and accommodating.

We hiked Borestone Mountain and from experience, we wouldn't suggest anyone under the age of 10 to make the trek. The final approach to the summit was very steep and not for someone with a fear of heights. Lakeshore restaurant in Dexter was an awesome place to eat - lots of food & yummy, too. Also, not to be mistaken with the first, there is also Lakeshore Pub & Grub, right in Monson - nine miles away - that has great food & hometown hospitality. Wear your bathing suits, too, because you could swim in the lake and slide & trampoline while you waited for food. Kids LOVED it! So much to say, so much to do! All-in-all, GREAT time!.

Ness & Smith Family,
July 30, 2010

Vacationing from Nantuckett

We had a great time here at Big Wilson Camp. We enjoyed the fire pit, views & the house itself.

We did enjoy swimming in Lake Onawa & Moosehead Lake. As for Moosehead, we went to two different places: Lily Bay State Park one day, and on another, a few of us took the boat over to Mount Kineo & hiked to Pebble Beach. Both were enjoyable & refreshing.

As for hiking, we loved Borestone Mountain, Little Wilson Falls & the Gulf Hagas. Three of us did the Gulf Hagas, because we were originally worried about how long it was, but then we found out you could do shorter loops. Well worth it, and the views were breathtaking.

We saw five fox, four moose, too many squirrels & chipmunks and one bat. All & all a fantastic week.

The Pollocks & Hunters
Nantuckett, MA
July 24, 2010

'Best Place to See Moose'

Had a wonderful time here at Big Wilson Camp. We hiked up to Borestone Mountain and Big Wilson Falls. We spent one day whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, which was a lot of fun.

In the evenings we would go on our own moose safaris. We saw six moose, five fox, countless deer, and one black bear. We have found the best place to see moose is to drive up to the town of Kokadjo around 9 pm, then drive slow back to Greenville.

We spent time in Greenville and found the people to be very nice and warm to out-of-towners. We took the cruise on the Katahdin - well worth the time.

The Loughs,
Culpeper, VA
July 17, 2010

'Unforgettable' Seaplane Ride

What a wonderful place to start our summer! The house and its accommodations were great! We enjoyed tubing in the water and playing around the waterfalls!

Our hike to the summit of Borestone Mountain was challenging at some spots, but so well worth it!

We enjoyed a day shopping and exploring Greenville - the highlight there being a seaplane ride over Moosehead Lake! An unforgettable trip! Back at the house, we enjoyed campfires with s'mores and songs.

While driving the Greenville Road, we saw a black bear, two moose, and countless deer! Very exciting!

Drove to the site of the B-52 crash - very moving and amazing. Had dinner at the Lakeshore restaurant and enjoyed overhearing the AT thru-hikers' stories about their travels.

One last swim before we leave! We have lots of pictures and memories of our visit to Big Wilson Camp! Thanks!

The Donahue Family
Ed, Megan, Colleen (14), Caitlin (11) & Tommy (8)
Norfolk, MA
June 24, 2010

Annual Maple Sugaring Ritual

Okay, so we own land & cabins here, but we need Big Wilson Camp for our overflow & dinner party during maple sugaring season. Despite being 'natives', we still marvel at the vistas and enjoy the wealth of adventures available all around us.

As we were eating breakfast, three deer came out of the woods in the clearing by the septic / leach field, heading to the river for a drink.

Thanks again to Tricia & Eric for sharing this haven with us. I hate to leave.

Pat Russell
March 27, 2010