Maple Sugaring Weekend

Big Wilson Camp (BWC) welcomed the overflow from the Farnham-Davis-Russell-Sprague/Wong cousins' annual maple sugaring weekend at our farm in Elliotsville (2.2 miles back up the Elliotsville Road).

BWC is, quite literally, splendor in our backyard. We enjoyed a big family dinner, the kids watched a DVD, and the turkey vultures soared high over the deck - hoping to score a cocktail, no doubt. Our families have all grown too large to fit everyone at the "Honeymoon Sugar Works", so we suspect that BWC will become a yearly tradition for the overflow.

Party attendees: Pat, Rollie, Tim, Erin, Cori, Nathan, Karen, Ed, Linnea, Bryan, Andrew, Mea, Kate, Jeff, Tory and Ali. All celebrated Pat's birthday.

If you would like to sell me a lot on the river, I could put my cabin here too! Thanks for a wonderful stay.

The Russels
Elliotsville, ME
March 31 - April 1, 2007