Baby Bear in the Road

Dear Tricia, Eric and Jeremy:

Thank you so much for a wonderful, loving, and exciting visit to your beautiful Camp! Turkey, beaver, fox, baby bear, Hurricane Irene, and quality time with dear friends. Who could want for more? I know Seth and Jim loved the long and competitive card games as much as I loved the "down time" to rest and "catch my breath", alongside all of you, as I read on the couch. Ahhhh, relaxation ...

So may new memories to cherish: roasting marshmallows down at the bonfire, climbing Mount Borestone, driving into town at sunset and seeing Moosehead Lake reflecting a deep raspberry gold sky! Seeing my first baby bear (and playing in the street, no less! Bad boy, where was your mama?) Even the lights going out due to the hurricane only added to the adventure!!

But, most of all I cherish the long chats and time to catch up on all of our mutual doings out in the real world (so glad we had no TV or internet to try to steal our attention).

Jeremy, I am so proud of you and the fine man you have become. Thank you so much for sharing your time so generously with our family :) xxxo

Much love,

Kate, Seth & Jim Nowack
Cape Cod, MA
August 30, 2011

P.S. - This part is for other guests visiting ... Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Guestbook, Volume III - The Adventure Continues ..

Welcome to Volume III of the Big Wilson Camp guest book, where we hope to compile the best resource of things-to-do in the Moosehead Lake region. Since 2004, we've shared this paradise with hundreds of guests. The reminiscences are a treasure to us and an inspiration for new visitors who hope to find adventures of their own. We post these entries to our online guestbook, usually by the end of each summer season. It seems to keep new folks discovering Big Wilson Camp and old friends coming back. If it also saves your recollections for posterity, so much the better!

If you've read the owners' previous postings, you know we're all about leisurely escapes from civilization, punctuated by new experiences out in the north woods. For us, this year was also a homecoming for our elder son, Jeremy, who has been stationed abroad at a military air base and unable to join us here for three years. Big Wilson Camp has a special place in Jeremy's heart, as he's been coming here since he was five years old, when there was nothing on the river-side but a clearing to pitch a tent. For Jeremy and his 'old man', the best treat other than each other's company was a pair of new whitewater kayaks to try out on Big Wilson Falls! To make the experience even more memorable, Hurricane Irene arrived just in time to raise the water levels and degree of difficulty for the two novice boaters. No worries! They had their share of mishaps on the water (including losing a paddle and running a section of class IV-V rapids they truly had no business attempting), but they absolutely had the time of their lives, and earned their meddle paddling the whitewater. Tubing the river down to Toby Falls in Willimantic simply will not satisfy these thrill-seekers anymore!

We had the good fortune of hosting our old friends, the Nowacks, for a few days. Aside from their fortuitous rescue of a runaway kayak on Little Wilson Stream, it was wonderful catching up with them, letting good times happen at the speed life was meant to be lived.

Eric, Tricia
& Jeremy Schult
Bettendorf, IA
& Klein-Brogel A.B., Belgium
August 30, 2011

'Haven't Relaxed Like This, Ever'

Four generations arrived at the cabin, our own little slice of heaven. Kids went right to the falls and were amazed at how warm the water was.

Sunday, we went to Greenville to eat at the Black Frog. Storm came in - great lightning show. Lost power - no meal. Came home and played games from the closet.

Monday, four of us hiked Wilson Falls. What a sight!

Tuesday packed up the clan and went in search of moose. Saw none. :(

Wednesday set out on another moose safari of our own. Went up Lily Pond Road, stopped at the B52 crash site, then north to Kokadjo and beyond Bingo we saw two moose, a bunch of wild turkeys and a fox. :)

Thursday, rain again. Off to Greenville. Had a great meal at the Black Frog. Shopped the Indian Hill Trading Post. Great store to visit. The whole town is nice.

Friday, Greenville again to ride the Katahdin. Very interesting. Saw a bald eagle and many loons.

What a great stay, rain and all. Haven't relaxed like this, ever. No phones, no TV, no worries.

Grammy Nancy, Priscilla & George, Ryan & Alana
Stephen, Samantha & Madison
Leominster, MA
August 20-27, 2011

Sitting Behind the Waterfalls

First of all, when we first arrived at the cabin, we were taken aback at the beauty and remoteness of the place. The house and surroundings were more beautiful than imagined.

Our first full day here we ventured out into our back yard river. The neighbor's grandson told us about how one can sit behind one of the waterfalls - see if you can find it. That was awesome! We all did it (even our four-year-old).

The next couple of days were very rainy; second day we drove to Bar Harbor by way of Stephen King's house in Bangor. Had lobster at Steuman's there.

Finally, the next day we had a beautiful, clear, sunny day - perfect for tackling Borestone Mountain. Our little ones stayed behind for that one. I would say that that was the highlight of our trip. The climb was invigorating and the view breathtaking. We didn't want to climb down. I climbed with three teenagers and they all loved it and thought it was one of the most awesome things they'd ever done.

We traveled to Little Wilson Falls - the cataract area was cool for jumping, but freezing! Went to Greenville and ate at the Black Frog - very good food and big portions. The kids' meals were large enough for an adult.

Our last full day here we hiked to Little Wilson Falls - pretty long hike with a 19-month-old in a backpack. Also, a bit dangerous for little ones (and even bigger ones apparently - we saw a cross marking an accident last year). Be very careful (path close to edge at times).

Then we took turns at our camp sitting behind the falls and then jumping off the "cliff". So much fun!

We hate to leave. It has truly been a relaxing, peaceful, rejuvenating time.

The Londoffs
Barry, Kathryn, Rebekah (17), Shenna (15), Davin (13),
Artemis (4), Apollo (19 months)
Chicago, IL
August 13-20

P.S. Some advice: Buy water shoes; Remy's is a great store; Regarding the backyard "cliff" - put goggles on and scope out the bottom first. There are some logs near the cliff. Be sure to jump far out. The water is not that deep, so you have to make sure to bend knees upon hitting the water.