Maine Wins

This is a beautiful area. We're from the Chicago area. This is our fourth New England state in four years for the fall colors. Maine wins - so far! We did the Borestone Mountain hike - terrific - and Little Wilson Falls.

Your home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. We really enjoyed the fire pit and the falls. We had a great time at the "Stressfree" Moose. Very nice people and good food. If anyone is into geocaching; we were able to find a few great finds and see some interesting things in the forest. We saw one moose on our way in and a few fox nearby. A deer walked up to say "hi" one morning.

Thanks again for sharing the area. Is there a way to take the bunk off of the bed in the second bedroom? It was kind of uncomfortable sleeping for a couple. But we would definitely come back if we could.

The Chicago Five
Chicago, IL
October 8, 2004