Maine Wins

This is a beautiful area. We're from the Chicago area. This is our fourth New England state in four years for the fall colors. Maine wins - so far! We did the Borestone Mountain hike - terrific - and Little Wilson Falls.

Your home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. We really enjoyed the fire pit and the falls. We had a great time at the "Stressfree" Moose. Very nice people and good food. If anyone is into geocaching; we were able to find a few great finds and see some interesting things in the forest. We saw one moose on our way in and a few fox nearby. A deer walked up to say "hi" one morning.

Thanks again for sharing the area. Is there a way to take the bunk off of the bed in the second bedroom? It was kind of uncomfortable sleeping for a couple. But we would definitely come back if we could.

The Chicago Five
Chicago, IL
October 8, 2004

Enjoying God's Masterpieces

We had a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

The camp is so beautiful, you felt so welcomed and the decor made you feel as if you were surrounded by wildlife and the great outdoors. Everything was wonderful and perfect.

I spent many hours just sitting on the rocks or a chair near the water, reading or just enjoying God's masterpieces. everywhere. A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers flew in front of us while on the deck and we watched them flying around the trees. A new bird to add to our list. One evening on the way home, we saw a doe right around the corner from the camp.

Spent a few evenings around the campfire. Got to cook hot dogs and marshmallows.

We did a lot of exploring on the logging roads. Saw many beautiful places where moose should be, but I guess they were all sleeping or hiding.

Hiking up Borestone Mountain was great and the scenery awesome. Added another Turkey Vulture to our list.

Spent an afternoon on the moose safaries and scenic cruise, from the Birches. The trip was well worth it. It shows how beautiful Maine's lakes are. It was unusual, but we didn't see any moose. We had a great meal afterwards at the Birches.

Hiked to Moxie Falls. We took so many pictures it was well worth the stop.

It was so great to look up at the stars each evening and see how many you could pick out. We had a wonderful time and hope to come back! Thank you!

September 11, 2004


Wow! We've had such a fabulous time. It started the moment we walked through the door of Big Wilson Camp. We were stunned by how beautiful the place is. Excellent decor and a magnificent location. We felt at home right away.

We enjoyed a few days of just lounging around this amazing camp. When we ventured out, we did some hiking nearby. We also went on a cruise around Moosehead Lake on the Katahdin.

The highlight of the week was a moose safari we took that was offered by Northwoods Outfitters. We drove an hour out of Greenville and spent two hours paddling around a remote pond. We saw seven moose that evening! We were able to paddle right up to them. Our guide, Chris, was very friendly and informative. We'd definitely recommend this trip.

And, yes, inspired by the Kells from York, PA, we also watched "Footloose". Riveting.

We look forward to coming back again, perhaps next year. We did have one suggestion: it may be more convenient for multiple couples staying here if the bed in the second room were a double minus the bunk. We didn't think that set up was too comfortable for grown-ups. Just a thought ...

Thanks very much!

Jeff & Kerry Schwarz
Essex, MA
August 28, 2004

Favorite Spot So Far

Hi, everyone!

This is our fourth year vacationing in Maine, and Big Wilson Camp is our favorite spot so far!

We were pleasantly surprised by the accommodations provided. We found that many of the "normal supplies" are already provided here that we normally drag along every year.

Much of our week was spent on our favoite pond, Prong Pond. We spent a great deal of time canoeing, fishing and diving from the rocks. We were not lucky enough to see the twin moose on the pond, but over the course of our travels we came upon two female moose along the roads.

A new adventure this year was to hike the trail to the top of Borestone Mountain. What a rewarding sight to take in at the summits. We recommend the hike as a rewarding adventure!

One of the huge hits of the week, besides the falls and the fire ring, was the VHS movie "Foot Loose"! Our four teenagers spent many hours watching and rewatching the movie to the point of memorization. They all now are considering buying the soundtrack from the movie when we return home. Who would have thought?

Thanks for providing such a great place to vacation. As we pack to return home, our thoughts turn to what new adventures we will encounter next year.

The Kell Family
York, PA
July 30, 2004

A Chance to Slow Down

This is my first adventure in northern Maine and I'm sure it won't be my last. Everything is so wonderful here - sounds, scenery, companionship, lodging, and the food tastes so much better here.

Your home is so beautiful, and furnished first class. The river is so beautiful and the sounds from it are so soothing. Being here gives you the chance to slow down and see and feel the wonders of some of God's greatest gifts. Thank you for sharing all these gifts with others.

Sue McCabe
Lake Havasu City, AZ
July 23, 2004

Foxes & Kingfishers

What a great way to wrap up the summer! We had a great time exploring around Borestone Mountain. We saw a pretty little fox watching us from the roadside. The day before, we had climbed the trail up Little Wilson Falls (saw several hikers, a fisherman and a Kingfisher bird). Our kids had lots of fun swinging into the water from the rope swing and jumping off the rock ledge closer to the cabin. A family flock of Hooded Merangers came by.

One afternoon, the girls all headed into the village around Moosehead Lake for shopping and ice cream - yum!!

My favorite thing of all (beside spending quality, TV-free time with my extended family), was listening to the rushing river and falls each night. We'll be back!!

The Clemens-Nowack Family
Cape Cod, MA
July 16, 2004

Something For Everybody

We are a family of a dad and mom, a 12- and a 10-year-old boy, a girl of six and a grandmother. All three generations really enjoyed the cabin.

The bedrooms are very attractive and comfortable. We enjoyed the excellent kitchen as well as the grill on the porch.

The river is a wonderful spot for all. Some swam, some just enjoyed its beauty. The dad especially liked finding a place to dive as well as a place to snorkel and explore.

The mom's favorite was climbing nearby Borestone Mountain with the 12-year-old (her favorite day, too, and the dad's). Dad's comment was that it is the best summit he has ever reached - the 360 degree view being extraordinary.

The 10-year-old had the most fun jumping from the cliff on a rope into the pool below at a nearby area (the lower falls of Little Wilson Stream). His six-year-old sister loved swimming and splashing in the pool.

Nana's favorite time was a three-hour cruise on the restored steamship Katahdin on Moosehead Lake in nearby Greenville.

Altogether a very successful vacation!

The Gilday Family
Fox Point, WI
July 4, 2004

Decorating Expedition

After a whirlwind decorating expedition at Easter-time ('04), our new cabin's interior is ready to surprise and delight our first summer guests.

We were hard-pressed to do justice to the natural beauty of the waterfalls outside. There is no competing with Mother Nature, after all. But we don't think anybody will be disappointed with the care and attention to detail we have given the interior, either.

Have a peek at our new pictures at the bigwilsoncamp web site.

Eric Schult
Big Wilson Camp
May 16, 2004

Upgrading from Tents

Although pictures of the interior of Big Wilson Camp are not available as of this writing, we're having a ball picking out great stuff with which to furnish our vacation getaway cabin. By Easter of '04, we'll have the place outfitted as a rustic North Woods retreat, but with plenty of modern amenities to make it a comfortable escape from civilization.

We have a huge, laminated topographic map that shows trails, scenic waterfalls, mountains, and lakes within a day's hike, and beyond. Frankly, though, it's hard to tear yourself away from the views of Big Wilson Stream from the deck or from the rocky stream banks below the cabin. My kids play endlessly in the swimming hole across the river, where despite swift water up and downstream, there's a sheltered pool, perhaps 30-50 feet around and 6-10 feet deep, where hikers often stop for a swim. (Diving from the rocks is not recommended, but jumping from the ledge - at your own risk - is a popular pastime.)

The river has a tendency to change dispositions from season-to-season and day-to-day, depending upon recent weather conditions. As you can see from my thumbnail photos on the bigwilsoncamp website, the stream varies from tranquil and idyllic to a kayaker's playground. Even when the river's at its highest or lowest, the swimming hole slowly swirls on the far side. When the water level is high, you may want to traverse the water over the bridge on the north end of the property, or ford the stream below the rapids, rather than try to cross in front of the cabin.

One of my favorite things to do nearby is walk or drive (less than a mile) to the lower falls on Little Wilson Stream. There's a rope swing and deep pool there, below a beautiful cataract. The water is a little chillier there, because it's a spring-fed tributary, whereas Big Wilson gets most of her waters seven miles upstream from Lower Wilson Pond.

I hope it's apparent how in love with the place I am. I found it about 10 years ago, and like fine art, it's a shame not to share something of such beauty. When I started building my website to rent the place, I was astonished how many past visiters to Big Wilson Stream had been struck by it enough to photograph "my" little stretch of stream and post their photos to the internet. One of those I stumbled across was by professional photographer Charlie Morey, whose work graces galleries across the country - as well as a prominent place on my hearth.

Eric Schult
Big Wilson Camp
February 21, 2004

Availability Calendar ...

Rates & Terms ...

From June 13th thru September 12th, Big Wilson Camp rents by the week only, from Saturday to Saturday. The rate for the summer is $1,245/wk.

From October 25 thru March 7, the cabin may be rented by the day (min. 3 days) for $275/day, or by the week $1,499/wk.

From September 12th thru October 24 & March 8 thru June 12, the cabin may be rented by the day (min. 3 days) for $199/day, or by the week for $1,245.

The cabin accommodates 6-8 guests comfortably. We do not accept pets. Smoking is not permitted in the cabin.

For further information, check out our online calendar and our guestbook, or call the owners at 563-209-0391. You may also email us at

Vicinity Map ...

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Big Wilson Camp and its accompanying waterfall and swimming hole (red & sky blue markers, respectively) are surrounded by scenic wonders like Borestone Mountain (purple), Little Wilson Falls (yellow), Tobey Falls (dark blue), Lake Onawa (lime green) & Barren Mountain (pink). The purple line depicts the Appalachian Trail's most remote and notoriously difficult section, through Maine's '100-Mile Wilderness', which stretches from a trailhead in Monson to the state's tallest peak, Mount Katahdin, without crossing a paved road.

Snowmobile Trails ...

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Fall & Winter Seasons ...

It's an old Maine saying: "If you can't take the winters, you don't deserve the summers." But the rewards come all year around for guests of this cozy North Woods retreat at the fringes of Maine's "100-Mile Wilderness". Its unique location along a picturesque stretch of Big Wilson Stream - in an area crisscrossed by trail systems for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking - makes it a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts no matter the season.

One need only step out the door for a fall foliage hike or winter snowshoe trek to Little Wilson Falls - one of the region's lesser-known but most spectacular scenic landmarks, only a vigorous morning's hike away on the Appalachian Trail. Also nearby are the breathtaking views from atop the 2,000-foot twin peaks of the Borestone Mountain nature preserve, offering up a 360-degree panorama stretching from Sebec Lake to Squaw Mountain and beyond. If groomed cross-country trails are more to your liking, you're just a five-minute ride up Elliotsville Road from A Fierce Chase, one of Maine's premier trail systems, where rentals and lessons are also available.

For the snowmobile enthusiast, a network of trails maintained by the E-Ville (Elliotsville) Riders Snowmobile Club are in close proximity to Big Wilson Camp, with access to ITS110 to the north. Also, the Narrow Gauge Riders snowmobile club, based in Monson, provide access to ITS85 to the west.

When you're done "roughing it" for the day, come home to the warm embrace of a solidly built and comfortably outfitted log home with all the charm and appeal of the land it inhabits. It boasts a country kitchen / great room with a hearth & wood stove, soaring ceilings, and 180-degree views of the gently sloping north woods. By night, snuggle down into one of the two main-floor bedrooms, or the sleeping loft. Even with the windows shut up tight for the winter, you'll be lulled to sleep by the ever-present song of rushing whitewater. With 25 acres of elbow room and 2,500 feet of river frontage, it'll feel like you have the North Woods all to yourselves. The cabin sleeps 6-8 guests comfortably.

For an occasional fix of north woods hospitality or to restock your provisions, there are eateries and camp stores in nearby Monson (8 miles, via winding Elliotsville Road) and Greenville (15 miles north of Monson on Route 6/15). Keep an eye out along the way, especially passing by boggy areas. You are in Moose Country!

— Tricia & Eric Schult

Big Wilson Camp Welcome ...

Let the music of rushing whitewater and the solitude of Maine's 100-Mile Wilderness lull you into a week-long daydream in this cozy housekeeping cabin on the banks of picturesque Big Wilson Stream. Your very own 2,500-foot stretch of river tumbles over a stepped waterfall, ambles in a deep pool fit for a summertime swim, and carves its way through a field of polished slate.

Nestled into 25 acres of stately dogwood, spruce, poplar and maple, this north woods retreat offers a gallery-perfect setting for your family vacation, accommodating 6-8 guests comfortably. A private picnic area, complete with picnic table, pole-mounted charcoal barbecue, fire ring, and Adirondack chairs, lends a park-like atmosphere to your outings, without having to venture further than your own back yard.

The adventurous among you can make daily treks to Borestone Mountain, Little Wilson Stream's upper and lower falls, and Big Wilson Cliffs, all within 2.5 miles of home base. You'll cross paths with Appalachian Trail hikers coming down from Mount Katahdin and through the Gulf Hagas, Maine's answer to the Grand Canyon. Little Greenwood Pond and larger Lake Onawa beckon to the east, with miles of wilderness shoreline to explore by boat. Or, commune with the river itself, paddling or packing to nearby landmarks like Tobey Falls, Salmon Hole, and the suspension bridge underpass in Willimantic.

Back at camp, barbecue your meals on the oversized deck, overlooking the river, or retire indoors to a country kitchen / great room with a hearth & wood stove, soaring ceilings, and 180-degree views of the gently sloping north woods. By night, snuggle down into one of the two main-floor bedrooms, or the sleeping loft, and let the river sing you a lullaby, unaccompanied by the noises of civilization.

For an occasional fix of north woods hospitality or to restock your provisions, there are eateries and camp stores in nearby Monson (8 miles, via winding Elliotsville Road) and Greenville (15 miles north of Monson on Route 6/15). Keep an eye out along the way, especially passing by boggy areas. You are in Moose Country!

— Eric & Tricia Schult