Favorite Spot So Far

Hi, everyone!

This is our fourth year vacationing in Maine, and Big Wilson Camp is our favorite spot so far!

We were pleasantly surprised by the accommodations provided. We found that many of the "normal supplies" are already provided here that we normally drag along every year.

Much of our week was spent on our favoite pond, Prong Pond. We spent a great deal of time canoeing, fishing and diving from the rocks. We were not lucky enough to see the twin moose on the pond, but over the course of our travels we came upon two female moose along the roads.

A new adventure this year was to hike the trail to the top of Borestone Mountain. What a rewarding sight to take in at the summits. We recommend the hike as a rewarding adventure!

One of the huge hits of the week, besides the falls and the fire ring, was the VHS movie "Foot Loose"! Our four teenagers spent many hours watching and rewatching the movie to the point of memorization. They all now are considering buying the soundtrack from the movie when we return home. Who would have thought?

Thanks for providing such a great place to vacation. As we pack to return home, our thoughts turn to what new adventures we will encounter next year.

The Kell Family
York, PA
July 30, 2004

A Chance to Slow Down

This is my first adventure in northern Maine and I'm sure it won't be my last. Everything is so wonderful here - sounds, scenery, companionship, lodging, and the food tastes so much better here.

Your home is so beautiful, and furnished first class. The river is so beautiful and the sounds from it are so soothing. Being here gives you the chance to slow down and see and feel the wonders of some of God's greatest gifts. Thank you for sharing all these gifts with others.

Sue McCabe
Lake Havasu City, AZ
July 23, 2004

Foxes & Kingfishers

What a great way to wrap up the summer! We had a great time exploring around Borestone Mountain. We saw a pretty little fox watching us from the roadside. The day before, we had climbed the trail up Little Wilson Falls (saw several hikers, a fisherman and a Kingfisher bird). Our kids had lots of fun swinging into the water from the rope swing and jumping off the rock ledge closer to the cabin. A family flock of Hooded Merangers came by.

One afternoon, the girls all headed into the village around Moosehead Lake for shopping and ice cream - yum!!

My favorite thing of all (beside spending quality, TV-free time with my extended family), was listening to the rushing river and falls each night. We'll be back!!

The Clemens-Nowack Family
Cape Cod, MA
July 16, 2004

Something For Everybody

We are a family of a dad and mom, a 12- and a 10-year-old boy, a girl of six and a grandmother. All three generations really enjoyed the cabin.

The bedrooms are very attractive and comfortable. We enjoyed the excellent kitchen as well as the grill on the porch.

The river is a wonderful spot for all. Some swam, some just enjoyed its beauty. The dad especially liked finding a place to dive as well as a place to snorkel and explore.

The mom's favorite was climbing nearby Borestone Mountain with the 12-year-old (her favorite day, too, and the dad's). Dad's comment was that it is the best summit he has ever reached - the 360 degree view being extraordinary.

The 10-year-old had the most fun jumping from the cliff on a rope into the pool below at a nearby area (the lower falls of Little Wilson Stream). His six-year-old sister loved swimming and splashing in the pool.

Nana's favorite time was a three-hour cruise on the restored steamship Katahdin on Moosehead Lake in nearby Greenville.

Altogether a very successful vacation!

The Gilday Family
Fox Point, WI
July 4, 2004