'When Can We Come Back?'

This is a beautiful spot! The swimming hole was fantastic. My daughters and I went down to the river and walked on the rocks and skipped rocks. They were awed by the sound of the rushing water and that you can hear it from the cabin. We drove down to the D.O.T. building and saw five moose just hanging around. That was really something. We also saw a reindeer and some bunnies. We saw a fox on the road in front of the cabin (our oldest spotted it).

The cabin is beautiful! Very homey and comfortable. (I'm glad we thought to bring a gate to keep our 2-yr-old off the stairs. Her older sisters though the loft was quite cool and she wanted to follow them up.) You obviously put a lot of time and care into the cabin. It's decorated beautifully. We were celebrating our oldest daughter's 9th birthday on 6/9 and she had a blast. She's already asking when we can come back.

Next time we hope to have more time so we can really go exploring and see some of the sights some of the other guests have mentioned. Thank you for having us.

John, Maureen, Emily (9), Jillian (7), Gracie (2), Garrett (3 months) Giorgio
Framingham, MA
June 7-10,2007