Columbus Day Weekend

Thanks for the lovely long weekend in God's beautiful creation - the leaves held on long enough for us to enjoy!

Firepit was great, but path to the water's edge could be 'cut-out' a bit more (defined).

Great home, centrally located. Kids wish it was summer so they could have swam. Maybe another time.

Bless you for sharing and good luck with retirement.

The Rendalls
Columbus Day, 2013

'Who Knew the Kids Would Take to the Outdoors Like This?

We loved it here in the North Woods! It is so beautiful and relaxing and cool (temperature-wise).

The Borestone Mountain hike was strenuous at times, but breathtaking views. Saw three moose, including a calf, on our moose safari-canoe trip on Lucky Pond.

Big Wilson Camp is so cosy and inviting. Loved using the fire pit for s'mores & singing. Would've loved to spend more time here (maybe we'll return ...)!

Borestone Mountain is a great hike. Black Frog is pretty good food. Swimming hole was very fun. And the Moosehead Lake Region has tons of cool stuff to do. And Greenville has fun shops and restaurants. I recommend Northeast Guide Service for canoeing and moose watching. We saw two cows and a calf during the canoe trip. Overall, I couldn't have dreamed up a comfier place to stay, and who knew the kids would take to the outdoors like this? We enjoyed all the hiking and swimming and waterfall-sitting and canoeing (looking for moose), as well as playing games in the cabin in the evenings. We all felt right at home. Highly recommend a ride on the Katahdin on Moosehead Lake if you like old boats (almost as old as the Titanic!) and scenic views, and the captain will even let you steer the ship if you ask him.

I'm sorry we didn't have at least a week here, but maybe we'll be back some day. I'm ready to move to Maine!

The Donahues/Larson
Washington, D.C.
August 17-22, 2013

Big Wilson Camp is definitely the place to stay. There is nothing better than hearing a waterfall right in your back yard all the time. We checked out the swimming hole and it was a blast for swimming or even just sitting in the waterfall. We found a spot where you could sit "inside" the waterfall. Give it a try! We hiked to Little Wilson Lower Falls and found it was a nice spot for sitting and taking in the scenery. There was also a swimming hole with a rope swing, but we did not try it. We Loved Toby Falls. If you are looking for a real hike, go to Borestone. The sleeping loft was great for all the kids and we loved sitting at the fire pit listening to the wildlife and the water. We found something to do everyday and still didn't run out of things to try. Thanks for sharing your home and would love to come back.

Christina Larson
August 17-22, 2013

'If You Do Only One Hike ... This is the One!'

Great Place if you like to hike.
  • Sunday - Improvised hike from the cabin up to the AT, then finishing on Borestone Mountain. 13.1 mi.
  • Monday - Little Wilson Falls from the cabin - up the trail on the east side of the stream, returning on the west side. 5 mi.
  • Tuesday - Big Moose Mountain Great views, strenuous climb. 6 mi.
  • Wednesday - Borestone Mountain - if you do only one hike while you are here, this is the one. 5 mi.
  • Thursday - Gulf Hagas - Nice hike but the drive there is on terrible logging roads. 8.7 mi.
  • Friday - Rain and beers at the Stress-Free Moose Pub. 0.0 mi.

August 10, 2013

'Best Water Park Around'

Lessons learned in Maine:
  • Moose do not follow our schedule (zero sightings).
  • Mother Nature does not follow our schedule (rain & wind).
  • Most dirt roads quickly turn into ATV trails (oops!).
  • Blag Frog is a good place to hang out.
  • Northwoods Outfitters is run by good people.
  • Lake Onawa & Wilson Pond provide good canoeing.
  • Borestone Mountain is a GREAT hike.
  • Climbing falls & swimming in the creek is the best water park around.
  • Kennebec River Brewery is a fun party hour with good BEER! and food (worth the trip).
  • Great week with family & friends.

The Wymans & Kurilovitches
August 9, 2013

17-Hour Drive - 'Perfect Location'

The Grime (pronounced "grim") family arrived late evening on Saturday after a two-day, 17-hour drive from the northwest corner of Ohio. We were ready for outdoor adventures and immediately fell in love with our cabin in the woods. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect location!

On Sunday we headed up the road to hike Borestone. It was a tough hike, but we loved the very rustic trail and the beautiful vistas. We all had the same "Wow!" reaction when we finally broke through the trees and could get our first views of the surrounding hills. It was definitely one of our favorite hikes. Our least favorite was the very next day up Burnt Jacket. We were promised spectacular views of Moosehead Lake, but the view is completely blocked by pine trees. So don't bother. We then went to Lily Bay State Park for a picnic and short swim. Saw a deer; no moose. Tuesday was our rain day. We played games and then went on a drive. We hoped to see moose - no luck. Saw some turkeys and a chipmunk. It did dry up enough that we could enjoy a fire.

Wednesday was our river day. We donned our water shoes and hiked (well, waded) downstream far enough to see around the bend. So pretty. After a picnic lunch by the falls (perfect) we drove to the Lower Wilson Falls and hiked to the Upper. We loved the hike, and met some hikers on the Appalachian Trail who had been hiking since March and started in Georgia! The Upper Falls are beautiful, and totally worth the hike. Be sure to go upstream just a bit - the calm stream is a complete paradox to the raging water just 40 feet away! When we got back we grabbed our tubes to enjoy the swimming hole. It was freezing! (It was also about 65 degrees out ...) We found a great "tube shoot" out of the swimming hole down a rapid - just be sure to stop before the next part of the falls!

Thursday we left earlier and drove to Gulf Hagas. A six-hour hike yielded beautiful views and the deep gorge and thundering waterfalls, a picnic lunch near Buttermilk Falls, sore legs from climbing, and lots of memories. It was both treacherous (don't get too close to the edge!) and breathtaking. Gulf Hagas definitely ranks as one of our favorite hikes!

Sadly, it is Friday morning and we have to leave. We are going to see the coast before heading west. We hoped to see a moose - no luck (even at the DOT) - but we loved our visit and wish we could stay longer. Thanks for the great stay, Big Wilson!

Dave & Linda,
Brett & Jen, & Molly Micah
July 20-27, 2013

New Satellite Internet

May weather is always unpredictable in the north woods, so we shouldn't have been surprised by six straight days of rain. This was a working visit, though, to get the camp ready for summer vacation rentals and get other improvements done, so we made good use of the time anyway.

One new improvement that some of our guests have asked for is high-speed wireless internet. We've resisted bringing civilization with us to our remote hidey-hole in the woods, till now. The satellite dish out on the driveway delivers it for those who can't completely disconnect from the world. Enjoy, but don't let it distract you from the real reason you're here!!

We're also close to adding a second cabin on our 25-acre tract. Not to worry! The cabins will not be visible from each other, so the privacy people so enjoy about this place will not be diminished. A new driveway, just south of the existing cabin, runs 600 feet down to the bend in the river, and the second cabin will be tucked into a grove of white pines down there, with a view of the falls from below. Please don't disturb the flags and stakes marking the building site.

The water is way up. Higher than it was even for Hurricane Irene, but not as high as Superstorm Sandy. I'm relieved my son, Jeremy, wasn't with us this time, because he would've been goading me to get out on the water with our whitewater kayaks, and I'm just not the young, reckless fellow I used to be.

Eric & Tricia Schult
Owners of Big Wilson Camp
May 18-26, 2013