Great 'Home Base'

Great time here at Big Wilson Camp. Loved swimming & playing in the waterfall & its sound at night. Hiked to Little Wilson Falls & the AT (a bit) beyond, Borestone Mountain. Paddled on Lake Onawa & Spencer Pond, which we came upon while trying to get to Little Kineo to hike but found the road under water. Also did a moose safari (0) and white water rafting trip with Northwoods Outfitters - recommend them highly. Had dinner in Greenville at the Black Frog - very good!

Overall, we saw moose, deer, baby foxes (down the road - adorable!), loons, eagles - including parents & juveniles.

This house provided a great "home base" for our adventures here, and the rental company was very helpful when the coffee pot broke and needed to be replaced. I only wish we had more time.

Thank you for sharing your home with us.

Jim, Judi, Liam, Brian & Jess
Long Island, NY
June 24 - July 2, 2011

Hey, my name's Liam. I'm 11 and I had a GREAT time at Big Wilson Camp. Right out the door & a tiny walk across the bridge is a big Swimming hole with Waterfalls (Fun to sit on). So one day we went on a moose Safari. We saw 1 moose on the road then the next day we went white water rafting with Moxie. So much fun, you can get out of the raft to swim in swimmers rapic (EPIC). Then we climbed Borestone. Hard but worth everything though. Then the next day we went to Little Kineo, but the road was flooded, so we went to Spencer Pond (in front of Little Spencer Mt.) and paddled around it in our canoe. Saw a total of six bald eagles. (I found a feather.) And depressingly, one moose carcass. Kinda cool but mostly disgusting. Then, ummm yea that was the week

Seee ya.

Long Island, NY
June 24 - July 2, 2011

Auctioned Vacation

First, I'd like to thank the Schults for donating their cabin to Junior Achievement's Charity Golf Tournament. My husband won the bid for this great spot.

We pulled the kids from their last three days of school to come up here and kick off the start of summer.

Day one we hiked up Borestone Mountain. All three kids loved it. The youngest (8 years old) was nervous towards the top, so I hung back with her while the rest went to the summit.

Day two, we hiked to Big Wilson Falls. Easy hike, maybe an hour? Swam in a swimming hole after. Another great hike.

Day three, took the shuttle to Mount Kineo and walked the mile to Pebble Beach. My favorite! Last time I was at Pebble Beach was 20 years ago with my dad. At the time, the old resort and surrounding homes were abandoned. We peeked in all the windows. Our own little 'ghost town'.

Also, enjoyed the swimming hole across the river from camp. The kids enjoyed jumping off the rocks into the water.

The Hurlburts
Alfred, Maine
June 18-23, 2011

Translation, Please?

Nate Laplantes' bachelor Party -



June 3-6, 2011