'I Felt Like Gumby'

What a blessing this place has been for our family!!

Borestone - what a blast (lots of blueberries). What a view. Happy kids.

Mt Kineo - More berries. More great views. Happy kids.

Playing in the river, catching trout, BBQ on the deck. My wife and I both have very stressful jobs. I became so relaxed, I felt like 'Gumby'. The toughest part will be saying goodbye.

We saw while here (red fox - 3 times, racoon, moose - 2 times, a weasel, and two beautiful king fishers).

Lilly Bay State Park - just outstanding. The lake is so clear, water so nice.

Thank you so very much for the use of your home. May the powers that be bless this place and keep it whole!!

The Bradshaw Clan
July 26-August 2, 2008

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