17-Hour Drive - 'Perfect Location'

The Grime (pronounced "grim") family arrived late evening on Saturday after a two-day, 17-hour drive from the northwest corner of Ohio. We were ready for outdoor adventures and immediately fell in love with our cabin in the woods. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect location!

On Sunday we headed up the road to hike Borestone. It was a tough hike, but we loved the very rustic trail and the beautiful vistas. We all had the same "Wow!" reaction when we finally broke through the trees and could get our first views of the surrounding hills. It was definitely one of our favorite hikes. Our least favorite was the very next day up Burnt Jacket. We were promised spectacular views of Moosehead Lake, but the view is completely blocked by pine trees. So don't bother. We then went to Lily Bay State Park for a picnic and short swim. Saw a deer; no moose. Tuesday was our rain day. We played games and then went on a drive. We hoped to see moose - no luck. Saw some turkeys and a chipmunk. It did dry up enough that we could enjoy a fire.

Wednesday was our river day. We donned our water shoes and hiked (well, waded) downstream far enough to see around the bend. So pretty. After a picnic lunch by the falls (perfect) we drove to the Lower Wilson Falls and hiked to the Upper. We loved the hike, and met some hikers on the Appalachian Trail who had been hiking since March and started in Georgia! The Upper Falls are beautiful, and totally worth the hike. Be sure to go upstream just a bit - the calm stream is a complete paradox to the raging water just 40 feet away! When we got back we grabbed our tubes to enjoy the swimming hole. It was freezing! (It was also about 65 degrees out ...) We found a great "tube shoot" out of the swimming hole down a rapid - just be sure to stop before the next part of the falls!

Thursday we left earlier and drove to Gulf Hagas. A six-hour hike yielded beautiful views and the deep gorge and thundering waterfalls, a picnic lunch near Buttermilk Falls, sore legs from climbing, and lots of memories. It was both treacherous (don't get too close to the edge!) and breathtaking. Gulf Hagas definitely ranks as one of our favorite hikes!

Sadly, it is Friday morning and we have to leave. We are going to see the coast before heading west. We hoped to see a moose - no luck (even at the DOT) - but we loved our visit and wish we could stay longer. Thanks for the great stay, Big Wilson!

Dave & Linda,
Brett & Jen, & Molly Micah
July 20-27, 2013