Guestbook, Volume III - The Adventure Continues ..

Welcome to Volume III of the Big Wilson Camp guest book, where we hope to compile the best resource of things-to-do in the Moosehead Lake region. Since 2004, we've shared this paradise with hundreds of guests. The reminiscences are a treasure to us and an inspiration for new visitors who hope to find adventures of their own. We post these entries to our online guestbook, usually by the end of each summer season. It seems to keep new folks discovering Big Wilson Camp and old friends coming back. If it also saves your recollections for posterity, so much the better!

If you've read the owners' previous postings, you know we're all about leisurely escapes from civilization, punctuated by new experiences out in the north woods. For us, this year was also a homecoming for our elder son, Jeremy, who has been stationed abroad at a military air base and unable to join us here for three years. Big Wilson Camp has a special place in Jeremy's heart, as he's been coming here since he was five years old, when there was nothing on the river-side but a clearing to pitch a tent. For Jeremy and his 'old man', the best treat other than each other's company was a pair of new whitewater kayaks to try out on Big Wilson Falls! To make the experience even more memorable, Hurricane Irene arrived just in time to raise the water levels and degree of difficulty for the two novice boaters. No worries! They had their share of mishaps on the water (including losing a paddle and running a section of class IV-V rapids they truly had no business attempting), but they absolutely had the time of their lives, and earned their meddle paddling the whitewater. Tubing the river down to Toby Falls in Willimantic simply will not satisfy these thrill-seekers anymore!

We had the good fortune of hosting our old friends, the Nowacks, for a few days. Aside from their fortuitous rescue of a runaway kayak on Little Wilson Stream, it was wonderful catching up with them, letting good times happen at the speed life was meant to be lived.

Eric, Tricia
& Jeremy Schult
Bettendorf, IA
& Klein-Brogel A.B., Belgium
August 30, 2011