Sitting Behind the Waterfalls

First of all, when we first arrived at the cabin, we were taken aback at the beauty and remoteness of the place. The house and surroundings were more beautiful than imagined.

Our first full day here we ventured out into our back yard river. The neighbor's grandson told us about how one can sit behind one of the waterfalls - see if you can find it. That was awesome! We all did it (even our four-year-old).

The next couple of days were very rainy; second day we drove to Bar Harbor by way of Stephen King's house in Bangor. Had lobster at Steuman's there.

Finally, the next day we had a beautiful, clear, sunny day - perfect for tackling Borestone Mountain. Our little ones stayed behind for that one. I would say that that was the highlight of our trip. The climb was invigorating and the view breathtaking. We didn't want to climb down. I climbed with three teenagers and they all loved it and thought it was one of the most awesome things they'd ever done.

We traveled to Little Wilson Falls - the cataract area was cool for jumping, but freezing! Went to Greenville and ate at the Black Frog - very good food and big portions. The kids' meals were large enough for an adult.

Our last full day here we hiked to Little Wilson Falls - pretty long hike with a 19-month-old in a backpack. Also, a bit dangerous for little ones (and even bigger ones apparently - we saw a cross marking an accident last year). Be very careful (path close to edge at times).

Then we took turns at our camp sitting behind the falls and then jumping off the "cliff". So much fun!

We hate to leave. It has truly been a relaxing, peaceful, rejuvenating time.

The Londoffs
Barry, Kathryn, Rebekah (17), Shenna (15), Davin (13),
Artemis (4), Apollo (19 months)
Chicago, IL
August 13-20

P.S. Some advice: Buy water shoes; Remy's is a great store; Regarding the backyard "cliff" - put goggles on and scope out the bottom first. There are some logs near the cliff. Be sure to jump far out. The water is not that deep, so you have to make sure to bend knees upon hitting the water.