'Who Knew the Kids Would Take to the Outdoors Like This?

We loved it here in the North Woods! It is so beautiful and relaxing and cool (temperature-wise).

The Borestone Mountain hike was strenuous at times, but breathtaking views. Saw three moose, including a calf, on our moose safari-canoe trip on Lucky Pond.

Big Wilson Camp is so cosy and inviting. Loved using the fire pit for s'mores & singing. Would've loved to spend more time here (maybe we'll return ...)!

Borestone Mountain is a great hike. Black Frog is pretty good food. Swimming hole was very fun. And the Moosehead Lake Region has tons of cool stuff to do. And Greenville has fun shops and restaurants. I recommend Northeast Guide Service for canoeing and moose watching. We saw two cows and a calf during the canoe trip. Overall, I couldn't have dreamed up a comfier place to stay, and who knew the kids would take to the outdoors like this? We enjoyed all the hiking and swimming and waterfall-sitting and canoeing (looking for moose), as well as playing games in the cabin in the evenings. We all felt right at home. Highly recommend a ride on the Katahdin on Moosehead Lake if you like old boats (almost as old as the Titanic!) and scenic views, and the captain will even let you steer the ship if you ask him.

I'm sorry we didn't have at least a week here, but maybe we'll be back some day. I'm ready to move to Maine!

The Donahues/Larson
Washington, D.C.
August 17-22, 2013

Big Wilson Camp is definitely the place to stay. There is nothing better than hearing a waterfall right in your back yard all the time. We checked out the swimming hole and it was a blast for swimming or even just sitting in the waterfall. We found a spot where you could sit "inside" the waterfall. Give it a try! We hiked to Little Wilson Lower Falls and found it was a nice spot for sitting and taking in the scenery. There was also a swimming hole with a rope swing, but we did not try it. We Loved Toby Falls. If you are looking for a real hike, go to Borestone. The sleeping loft was great for all the kids and we loved sitting at the fire pit listening to the wildlife and the water. We found something to do everyday and still didn't run out of things to try. Thanks for sharing your home and would love to come back.

Christina Larson
August 17-22, 2013