'Best Water Park Around'

Lessons learned in Maine:
  • Moose do not follow our schedule (zero sightings).
  • Mother Nature does not follow our schedule (rain & wind).
  • Most dirt roads quickly turn into ATV trails (oops!).
  • Blag Frog is a good place to hang out.
  • Northwoods Outfitters is run by good people.
  • Lake Onawa & Wilson Pond provide good canoeing.
  • Borestone Mountain is a GREAT hike.
  • Climbing falls & swimming in the creek is the best water park around.
  • Kennebec River Brewery is a fun party hour with good BEER! and food (worth the trip).
  • Great week with family & friends.

The Wymans & Kurilovitches
August 9, 2013