Moose in Front of Camp

We had a GREAT time here. The first night, we were out front of the camp and a moose walked right by on Elliotsville Road. My girls were in shock.

The camp is wonderful. The kids (8,6 & 6) loved the loft with their own TV. They never complained once that they were bored.

Borestone mountain was awesome. The views were a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We loved wearing goggles in the falls and watching little fish. The upper falls was a big hit, too.

The shops in Greenville were great, too, and we took the trip on the Katahdin, also. The people here are all so genuine and nice. Thank you so much for a great family vacation.

Tony, Joann, Ally (8), Julia (6), Morgan (6) Darmo
Moorestown, NJ
July 8-15, 2006

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