The Bruises Were Worth It

It is our last night here at Big Wilson Camp, and what a marvelous time we have had all week! I am here with my parents and my two younger brothers - Kevin (18) and Nate (14) from the great city of Annapoles. What a completely different atmosphere is is out here compared to Annapolis! We came from people everywhere, traffic, city sounds all over, to a place where the only thing you can hear is the sound of a waterfall right out back - magnificent!

When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was how beautiful the property is and how well-furnished and well-kept the house is. The decor is just beautiful and the amenities do make you feel right at home. We didn't waste any time before taking advantage of the tubes that were left for us to enjoy*. Throughout the week, we swam, hiked up to Little Wilson Falls as well as Borestone Mountain. Now, THAT was a hike never to be forgotten. Mom and I couldn't get to the very top because of the height (whew!), but we hiked up to just beyond the trees where we could see the lake. There is nothing more beautiful!! (Sure does wear you out!) :) Unfortunately, we didn't see ANY moose - not one throughout our whole trip, which was disappointing, but everything else made up for it.

The town of Monson is a great little town - we were able to run into Tim (who runs the General Store) while he was being filmed in a movie. We had to wait outside the store until they finished filming - but came to find out the writer & producer of the movie happened to be driving through town and stopped last minute at the store. The name of the movie is "The Maine Story". Look for it! :)

Before I continue on into a book :), I'm gonna go - but you really will have the most wonderful time here! Take a trip to Bar Harbor, an absolutely BEAUTIFUL town only about two hours away.

Be careful on the rocks while tubing - you may catch a few bruises!** (More than I bargained for, but well worth it!!!) Enjoy!

The Breckenridge Clan
Annapolis, MD
September 4-10, 2006


  1. OWNERS' NOTE: Inner tubes and life vests are not provided by Big Wilson Camp. Those described above were left by another guest. We cannot assume liability for their use, or assure they will remain available for future use. The owners recommend you bring your own tubes and vests, or purchase them at Indian Hill Trading Post in Greenville.

  2. OWNERS' NOTE: A good warning about tubing on Big Wilson! When the water is lower, the rocks can be obstacles to watch out for, and when the water's high, the ride can get very rough in places. See other notes about tubing (below). It's one of the funnest things to do on the river, and we highly recommend it, but there are dangers to keep in mind. Note that the owners of Big Wilson Camp own only to the high water mark of the river and all activities on the rocks and in the water are at your own risk.