Worth Every Mile


Sometimes the internet can be both a curse and a blessing. Breaking a 10-year-old (Jessica) and a 14-year-old (Michael) from it can be trying. But when you find a place like this online and it turns out to be better than displayed, you take the blessing.

We did things families are meant to do. We kayak'd on Onawa and Prong Pond. Prong Pond provided fishing for me and swimming from the rocks for the others. We hiked to Wilson Falls and the top of Borestone Mountain, while light rain fell for the falls and heavy rain on the way back from Borestone. It got the exercise juices flowing on both trips. Went back to the "swing" and got quite a few pictures of our new events.

We used the firepit and swam in the local sound machine (falls). After one fire, we took the kids out to the road and saw shooting stars and more stars than Jess knew existed. She was amazed that the sky could hold that many.

The first moose was spotted at the marsh on the way back from Greenville. Friday, on the way to a moose safari, we saw momma moose with a calf. The safari yielded five more moose, for a total of nine for the week. The river otters on the trip were a bonus.

One morning a fox was out in the driveway and then while playing in the pool below I had a bird land on my head. It was recorded by mom to show my nest-like hair.

Most nights ended with games and reading - something I rarely find time for. Thanks for the refreshing week - worth every mile you drive.

Steve, Kathy, Michael & Jess
Somers, CT
July 30, 2005

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