Inspired to Poetry

We had the most awesome time here. We swam, hiked to Borestone Mountain, tubed down the river, walked to the upper falls, enjoyed some time in town (Greenville) and made many wonderful memories. Some of our nightly games included "Food Fear Factor", card games like "Up and Down the River", talent shows, and of course, watching our "TV" ... the bug zapper. We enjoyed the scavenger hunt - the items our parents came up with was very creative. I am sure we will be back next summer. We had an amazing time!

P.S. - Katherine Gallagher (fourth grader this fall) made up the following song for the talent show:

Camp Wilson

Oh, I love Camp Wilson every day
I love Camp Wilson in every way
I love to visit every year
I love the things that we do here
I love to swim and climb and hike
I love to roast marshmallows at night
We love to play cards by candle light
We love to play cards morning, noon and night
It's fun to play at Camp Wilson, Ya!
It's so much fun at Camp Wilson!

The Gallagher Clan
South Windsor, CT
July 8, 2005

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