More Friends of the Owners

First time in Maine and words cannot describe the natural beauty of the area and the amazing time we shared with Eric and Tricia! We met Eric and Tricia a few moths ago at Tricia's group, and soon discovered we were kindred spirits and like-minded adventurers with a love of hiking and kayaking. So ... when they generously invited us to spend a few days with them at their cabin, we eagerly accepted. We saw a lot of waterfalls, since Tricia is a waterfall freak, and went on hikes to Little and Big Wilson Falls, the B-52 site, and climbed to the summit of Borestone Mountain, which is something I never thought I could/would do - LOVE ROCKS! Want to take a boulder home ...

Thank you Eric and Tricia for your amazing and generous hospitality. Loved our card games and geocaching adventures. Look forward to coming back soon and seeing some moose! Amazing. Just amazing. Loved every minute.

Love you guys!

Gloria & Dan
Bluegrass, IA
Early Summer, 2012