The First 'Human Flotation Device Waterslide'

We had an absolutely wonderful time here in Big Wilson Camp! The house is beautiful, and we actually found that our favorite thing to do was lounge around the house, the deck, and the river. We spent a lot of time tubing, and attempted the first human flotation device water slide, during which two members of our group attached life vests to their arms, legs, stomach, and head and attempted to slide down the rocky falls. As you can well imagine, it was not very successful, but entertaining, to say the least.

We made s'mores, sandwiches, and hot dogs over the fire a couple nights. It's safe to say that everyone's favorite day probably was the hike up Borestone Mountain. We had eight people, so it took us awhile, but to say that it was worth it is an understatement. The view from the two summits were breathtaking.

We spent a day at Moosehead Lake and in the town of Greenville, where we ate at the Black Frog, which was GREAT. (Personal suggestions - the lobster roll and the pot roast sandwich.) We went to the Dairy Bar in town where we recommend the coffee milkshake. Everyone we met was so friendly, and there were plenty of places to get everything we needed. (With a family of eight, a lot of grocery store trips were needed.)

We saw two moose, a couple beavers in our swimming hole, a few adorable, very not shy foxes, a few deer in the clearing next to the house, and plenty of vultures and hawks at Borestone.

Corey (12) built a tee-pee down by the water that's still there, so you should build one as well!

Don't forget to look at the stars at night when it's clear. They're beautiful here! Overall, we loved our stay here and took probably a thousand pictures. Enjoy! :)

The Quaste family
Perkasie, PA
July 15-23, 2011