Playing Games (in the Closet)

Man, this weekend went by fast. It started out as a gift for my uncle, as a 50th birthday present. I'm pretty sure, we all agree, this place is amazing! The foliage is beautiful, and so vivid. It puts the leaves in Massachusetts to shame. The rocks at the river were cool, too. We were mesmerized by the geometrical patterns. Here's what we did:

Friday: Got here, and were all very excited. Played Apples to Apples (in the closet). We recommend it to a large group. It's great!

Saturday: Hiked to Upper Wilson Falls. Also great, but a bit scary. We were so high at some points! Later, we made use of the outdoor firepit and got a good look at the AMAZING night sky.

Sunday: Drove to Moosehead Lake, but it was windy and cold. Ate at the Stress-Free pub (very good). We waited for moose at the D.O.T. (Saw none.)

Monday: Had to leave. :(

Thanks for having us! This place is great! We plan to come back next year.

Zach, Ryan, Tyler, Puggie, Jim,
Brian, Shelley & Michael
Pembroke & Rockland, MA
October 12, 2009

(Owners' note: How did you all fit in the closet? Was it hard to read the game directions in there?) ;^)