Water Down - Streams 'Purring', not Roaring

What a beautiful spot here on Big Wilson Stream. The weather has been hot and dry. The streams are all "purring", not roaring. Tubing and fishing have been spotty. The low water and high temperatures have made the fishing difficult and tubing runs very short. Found some great swimming holes. Tobey Falls was perhaps the favorite.

Climbed Borestone last Sunday - a fabulous hike, great for the young and 'once young', and not too demanding. Wildlife observations were unusual - no moose, though fox and deer were seen. A pileated woodpecker was heard every day, though not seen. Pileated woodpeckers are large, with red heads, too. Go figure not being able to find it.

Biked over to Little Wilson. Nice and short. Hiked to upper falls - a hot day Tuesday, but not too strenuous. Swam at both Lilly Bay State Park and down on Sebec Lake at Peaks-Kenny State Park. A beautiful week, with lots to explore, still, as we never made it to the Gulf Hagas.

Enjoy your stay in this beautiful camp. Enjoy the great Maine outdoors, more.

Bob & Beth
Haverhill, MA
September 4, 2010