Foliage at its Peak

Our weekend here has turned out to be a 10! Ideal weather for hiking both days. Foliage at its peak! We chose to hike Borestone through the wooded trail as opposed to the gravel road. The rugged terrain and heavenly man-made steps were remarkable.

Viewing the colorful foliage, ponds and lakes from the summit was spectacular! My husband and I made it to the top in one hour, but we hike fast to get our exercise in. The rocks at the top were a bit of a challenge in the "fear of heights" department, but I was humbled when I saw about six or seven 8-year-old girls at the top! (and met an 80-year-old woman nearing the top.) My new-found "slight" fear of heights was confirmed when we walked across the 100'? high tressle bridge (Onawa Tressle)!

Had a delicious fresh egg breakfast from eggs up the road. Highly recommended! We are so glad we found such a serene respite. Thank you!

Lisa and David Mannix
Oct 5-8, 2007

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