Foxes & Kingfishers

What a great way to wrap up the summer! We had a great time exploring around Borestone Mountain. We saw a pretty little fox watching us from the roadside. The day before, we had climbed the trail up Little Wilson Falls (saw several hikers, a fisherman and a Kingfisher bird). Our kids had lots of fun swinging into the water from the rope swing and jumping off the rock ledge closer to the cabin. A family flock of Hooded Merangers came by.

One afternoon, the girls all headed into the village around Moosehead Lake for shopping and ice cream - yum!!

My favorite thing of all (beside spending quality, TV-free time with my extended family), was listening to the rushing river and falls each night. We'll be back!!

The Clemens-Nowack Family
Cape Cod, MA
July 16, 2004

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